About The Bandicoot Superhighway Project

The community-led Bandicoot Superhighway Project aims to save the Southern Brown Bandicoot from extinction, and has a long term vision to foster a ‘highway’ of interconnected habitat throughout the Mount Lofty Ranges. The project partners are working to:
• Increase the Bandicoot’s available habitat through community and corporate planting events
• Raise awareness, and involve the community in Bandicoot monitoring
• Use ecological burning to maintain and improve habitat quality (in collaboration with government partners)
• Undertake careful weed control to keep habitat healthy
• Fence remnant vegetation from grazing animals
• Trial establishing new sub-populations of Bandicoots to reduce their risk of extinction

Why are our Bandicoots threatened?

Human development in the Mount Lofty Ranges has impacted Bandicoots and their habitat. There were once 8 species from the Bandicoot and Bilby
family in the Mount Lofty Ranges, but now the Southern Brown Bandicoot is the only one left! The main causes of Bandicoot decline are:
• Loss of suitable habitat
• Deterioration of habitat quality
• Disconnection of habitat by human development
Southern Brown Bandicoots are now listed as endangered under the national EPBC Act. Bandicoot populations have become increasingly isolated from each other due to habitat loss and human developments such as roads, housing and agriculture. Small, isolated populations of Bandicoots are particularly at risk of extinction

How can you be involved?

If you’re an individual interested in Bandicoot conservation, a local landholder or someone involved in a community group who would like to participate we want to hear from you!
• Join community planting days
• Attend interactive workshops and learn how to identify Bandicoot diggings and find Bandicoots in your area
• Learn how to make your property more Bandicoot friendly
• Assist us by reporting your Bandicoot sightings
• Connect with the local community

Sign up
by filling out the Bandicoot Superhighway Project Interest Form here.

Project Partners - The Sturt Upper Reaches Landcare Group, The Nature Conservation Society of SA, The Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board, Green Adelaide, National Parks and Wildlife SA, The University of Adelaide and Friends of Parks Groups.
The Bandicoot Superhighway Project is funded by - The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and the Australian Government’s Environment Restoration Fund.